SpotApp - the crypto trading informer bot for Android and iOS
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The crypto trading informer bot for Android and iOS

This bot monitors the crypto markets 24/7 and shows the protentially profitable spots in realtime. In a case of high market activity this bot will send the notifications to keep you updated. Notifications can be turned on/off in the app settings.

Get Started

To start using this informer, just launch the app.
The bot will collect the market data and show it on the main page.
There is no need to keep the app open or running in the background.
Even if the app is closed, the bot will continue to work.


This block shows the list of the pairs with the high price change rate over the short period of time. For example, "+5.34% in 45min" means that this pair price has rised by 5.34% over the recent 45 minutes. To get more detailed info about any specific pair, tap on this pair and it will open the detailed market price chart.


This block shows the derived market statistics over the recent 15 minutes, 1 hour, and 24 hours. This overview helps to get the overall idea of the current market dynamics. To sort the market data table, tap on the column name. For example, to sort by name in ascending order, tap the the 'Pair / Vol 24h' column header.


The bot will periodically send the "Spot Info" notifications with the detected potentially profitable spots. This feature makes it possible to stay notified even without launching the app. Spot info notifications can be turned on/off in the app settings.


Notifications and spot info filters can be set from the "Settings" page of the app.

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