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Practical piano learning app for iOS and Android platforms

With a set of practical exercises included in this app, you will develop the fundamental piano skills of playing different scales, quickly finding intervals, building chords and learn to recognize the relative pitch by your ear.

This application includes the following exercises:

To improve your understanding of how different scales or chords are constructed each exercise will provide you with a theoretical explanation for each task. For example, for each scale mode, the app will show the musical formula and the target keys of the scale on a piano keyboard. Additionally, each exercise has a wide set of options so you can customize it for your current training goals.

Piano editor

Create your own custom scales, intervals, and chords for practice with the PianoEditor feature. Just play your scale, chord, or interval and the app will automatically recognize its musical formula and include it into exercise flow.

Bluetooth MIDI

Connect a MIDI keyboard or any compatible instrument to the app via Bluetooth LE and use it during exercises. Play scales, intervals, and chords on your MIDI keyboard and the app will automatically check if it was played correctly and show you the result. You can activate this feature and connect a MIDI keyboard to your device from the exercise settings page.

System requirements

iPhone 5 or higher.
iPad Pro, iPad, iPad Mini.
iOS 11.0 or higher.

Android phone or tablet device with available viewport size 320x520px or larger.
Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow or higher.

For any questions, feature requests and issue reports please refer to feedback page
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